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About Us

Company Building

About Us

We, at Ojas believe that every piece of handmade art has its own unique story. A story that is waiting to be told. Our goal is to share these tales and its essence with our customers.


Ojas the Elements began it's journey in October, 2022 with the idea of providing to its customers exquisitely crafted handmade items curated from across the country. As our products are sourced directly from talented local artisans, by making a purchase from our store, you will not only be supporting local communities but will also be contributing towards the preservation of traditional handicrafts.

The beginning

Being a handicraft enthusiast I was looking for handmade home decor and other utilities for my new house. But, I was disappointed to discover that there was a limited selection of handmade goods that fit my preference in our two-tier city.

It was around this time I began to consider turning my love for handicrafts into a profession and that's when 'Ojas the Elements' was launched with an intention to provide authentic, affordable and easily accessible exquisitely crafted and personalised handmade products.


Ms. Nidhi Bhati

My love for handmade goods was the inspiration behind the launch of 'Ojas the Elements' in October, 2022.

With the help of my team I was able to get in touch with and assist numerous local artisans by providing them a platform to display their wares. I'm grateful for the support we have from our discerning customers; a group that continues to engage and encourage.

Company Building

What we do

"Shop New Styles at Ojas - Clothes for Any Occasion!"



When I personally interacted with the craftspeople it was disheartening to see them fighting  a hard battle to keep their long-standing family art traditions alive.

Unfortunately, the younger generation is unwilling to continue with the practice of making these traditional handicrafts.

Hence, our mission is to improve the livelihood of these artisans, support them and inspire the future generations to preserve our  ancient and aesthetically appealing art traditions


With a vision  to keep our rich art  heritage alive by providing recognition and scope to the artisan, we are striving to increase the earnings of these diligent local craftsmen. Talent should be nurtured and we hope by doing so the artisans will be able to showcase their talent and passion to the world at large.
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